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Julie Hanks - Vocals*Keyboards

Julie is from Crescent, OK. Her stage career began in 1983, when she played with her late husband in various clubs and events in central Oklahoma. She has played keyboards for the Connection Band since the band's beginning. Winning a spot on the True Value Country Showdown in Harrison, Arkansas was one of many rewards for her strong vocal talent. The plan, we hear, is to 'pass the torch' on to her children, who also take a strong interest in singing and playing various instruments.

Ben Chronister - Vocals*Guitar

Ben is from Crescent, OK. He has played music most of his life. He and his brothers formed the High Country group that was well known througout central Oklahoma for many years. We welcome Ben as our newest member.

Leila Hanks - Vocals*Bass

Leila (Lay-la) is also from Crescent, OK, and the daughter of Julie. Leila has tried her hand at just about every instrument there is, and has accomplished most of them! She is the youngest of the band members, and joined Connection Band in 2002.

Clark Hale - Drums

Clark is from El Reno, OK. He has played drums for various bands across central Oklahoma since 1979. Teaching himself to play the drums at a young age, while copying from his drumming Dad, Clark has developed his talent over the years to be one of the best drummers around. He started with the Connection Band in 2003.

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