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Connection Band

Past and Present!

Damon, Drummer
Damon Donaldson/Crescent, OK
There for a long while, we were constantly searching for a drummer to fill in on gig dates! This page is to acknowledge and thank each and every one of these great friends for filling in for us (most of the time at the last minute!), and for providing their excellent talents to the various gig nights.
Bo, Drummer
Bo Propps/Oklahoma City, OK
Jerry Byrd, Drummer
Jerry "ByrdMan" Byrd/Enid, OK
Jim Akers, Drummer
Jim Akers/Duncan, OK
Ted Trevino, Drummer
Ted Trevino/Oklahoma City, OK
Robert Cunningham, Drummer
"Catfish" Cunningham/Kremlin, OK
Troy Todd, Drummer
Troy Todd/Guthrie, OK
Phil Tinnin/Oklahoma City, OK
Instead of dedicating a page to one single drummer, we decided to include ALL the drummers that have helped us out, both in the past and now, and possibly in the future! These guys and gals have been helpful with their percussion talents and some with added vocals. Thanks to all of you for allowing us to call you, sometimes even a week before a gig, and filling in for us. We appreciate all of you!

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